Die Fakking Phil Show Episode 1

The first episode of ‘Die Fakking Phil Show’ is online. It’s a reality show I am producing about my buddy Philip.


Promo’s Strudelfest in Premiere Pro

A week ago me, Philip, 2 students and one of the people from Strudelfest did a promo for this local festival. The festival has an industrial theme so we decided to go to the NDSM docks in Amsterdam. Mind you; these are zero budget productions. We shot half a day and later shot on two other locations. These are the final versions that I edited and post-produced. One for the ‘dance’ part of the festival and one for the ‘rock’. I wanted to experiment with the Twitch plugin for After Effects and did this quite excessively. Also, this was one of the first edits I did using Adobe Premiere. I swear by Final Cut Pro 7 but beginning to see the limitations due the lack of updates. I absolutely love the ‘replace with After Effects Composition’ feature and this gained me a lot of time in the end. PS note of caution for people who can’t deal with flickering images. These edits look like they are on drugs.




Projects August till November

I have been working on some projects lately. Apart from doing commercial work these projects fill up my days:

  • Die Fakking Phil Show (a reality show about my buddy Philip)
  • Tigerfox (a music project with my buddy Phil)
  • The Pan Act (my first feature film)
  • Music video’s (im planning to release at least 10 next year)
  • MRO (a video series on my recent obsessions, get the title now?)
  • Space High (a short film set in space)
  • 20/08

    The Morning Hour – Lectures (official music video)

    I have been pretty stoked about this band for over some months now. Today (the 20th of Aug) they will present themselves to the world stage. I help them with this by directing their first ever music video for the debut single ‘Lectures’. For this music video we needed 3 days of shooting along with a 2 man crew, me and Philip and absolutely NO BUDGET. We shot everything handheld except for the band shots. Like always, Philip used his Canon 7D and I used my good old 5D MKII.. We used 50mm lenses by Canon, a 24mm T1.5 Samyang lens and a Canon L series 24-70. Color grading was very important to me in the post production stage of this video so I came prepared with the amazing Technicolor Cinestyle Picture Profile. I edited, color corrected, color graded and posted everything in FCP7 (Still the best editing software out there).

    (.. 5 seconds ago I literally got the final ‘go’ on the video by the band.. )

    Here’s the band you will be hearing a lot from in the future. Enjoy the video.


    Music video The Morning Hour

    A couple of months ago I ran into an old friend at a the Finch 10th year anniversary concert. Me and him have been playing in a band together and we talked about a music video which I might produce. A few weeks later we settled down the deal and found out that another old bandmate of mine is playing bass in this band. Really awesome group of guys that I feel have great potential to become the next big thing. Two weeks ago we shot the first part of the music video for their debut single ‘Lectures’. Here are some photo’s that Philip made. Philip and me have been working on this music video for quite some time now and this or next weekend the storyline part of the video will be shot.



    Interviewing All Time Low

    A small crew of FORTHEWHIN and Error-Error is going to be interviewing All Time Low on the 5th on july 2013. The funny thing about this is that I (Wijnand) and one of the other crew members (Philip) used to be big fans of this band back in the days. STay tuned for the whole interview at the ErrorError website.


    Vinea commercial

    Last month we worked on the new Vinea television campaign. FORTHEWHIN and ZIGT teamed up together once again to make this campaign appealing for the selected target audience. This time FORTHEWHIN also participated in the very early stages of the project which involved art direction and story boards. After this FORTHEWHIN did the editing and animation. The results can be seen on Nederland 3, Nickelodeon and MTV.



    I remember the days when FORTHEWHIN just started; contacting bands to produce music video’s, using my good old 5D MKII (which I still use btw..) for the first time. For me Hollands national band scene was really the gateway into this beautiful world called DSLR filmmaking. This was my passion and I have to admit that after doing mainly commercial stuff for the last two and a half years my fingers are itching to start working on a music video again. Not only do I have total creative freedom, it also reminds me of where it all started. One of my oldest friends (Nick Brummer, vocalist and guitar player for The Lost Boys Club) and I used to play in bands together. We share a passion for poppunk/punkrock and therefor I was happy to be asked to produce his new band’s first music video. The song will be from their new album which is scheduled to be released sometime this summer. The band is currently touring throughout the country and I will also be there every now and then to shoot some tour video material. With this material we might have a little suprise in store for y’all! Stay tuned at The Lost Boys Club website, Error Error (for all your punkrock news) and of course right here :) .



    Samyang 24mm T1.5 Cine lens

    A little review I did a while back for my new Samyang wide angle lens. The review was made about two months ago and I can’t say I was ever disappointed. The focus and the aperture ring is as smooth as it used to be and believe me, I used it a lot.


    Someone I’m thankful for

    My dad. Taught me everything. Always believed in me. No matter what.